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  • What are eyelash extensions?

Our extensions are synthetic or faux mink. They are single strands of lashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash. We are cruelty free and we avoid using real mink due to popular allergies and it not being to hold its curl for prolonged time. We use Xtreme Lashes brand, which is a global leader in our industry. Xtreme Lashes were developed to mimic your natural lashes; its design features a tapered tip with a thicker base to resemble the look and feel of a natural lash, applied one by one to each individual lash by a certified Xtreme Lashes Lash Stylist. All of our products are FDA approved and medical grade.

  • How will they look like?

They will look completely natural or voluminous depending on the style that you want. They will feel like your own natural lash; light and soft. Varying individual synthetic lash lengths are chosen to carefully replicate the shape and frame of a natural lash line. The overall effect is added curl, thickness and length, opening up the eye for added definition. Eyelash extensions are available in a wide variety of lengths, diameters and curls. If it’s your first time, they will feel weird for the first two days. We encourage our clients to come back for the fills and we educate them by giving them the after-care guide, and answering any questions that they have.

  • How long will the initial appointment take?

You can expect your initial eyelash extension procedure to be scheduled for up to two to three hours. This time allows you to rest and be pampered as your Lash Stylist. We do not count lashes, we use as many to create the right look for you. Clients usually fall asleep and wake up with beautiful, natural or voluminous lashes. During the procedure, our Lash Stylist will isolate an individual natural lash, then she will expertly bond one eyelash extension to one natural lash. This technique creates a seamless look and feel as if these eyelash extensions were your own.

  • What is a fill and how often should I get one?

The refills are done every two to three weeks depending on the client. At your fill appointment, we gently remove grown out lashes and replace new lashes to maintain a full, lush appearance. This appointment usually takes up to 60-90 min.

  • Why do I lose some of my eyelashes?

Lash extensions last through a full growth cycle of natural eyelashes (typically 60-90 days). Since each lash extension is attached to a single eyelash, they will fall out naturally along with the natural growth cycle of each lash. People typically shed between 1 and 5 natural lashes each day, depending on their individual growth cycles. We recommend a fill every two to three weeks. When an inexperienced professional applies lashes, he or she often applies one synthetic lash to three to four natural lashes, causing clumps or the lash to break and fall out. In addition, your lashes might fall out if you pick at them or try to pull them out yourself, which is a BIG NO. But if you avoid those two problems, your lashes should stay intact.

  • How long do the eyelash extensions last?

It depends on the client and with proper care, it can last up to one month or more. The look can be maintained indefinitely with refills. Most of our clients come in every two to three weeks before it begins to look sparse.

  • Do the eyelash extensions damage my natural lash?

Yes & no. It can weaken your natural lash a bit, but there is no long term damage. Your lashes can be damaged if applied from someone who was not properly trained with poor isolation technique. If applied correctly and properly, they are safe and do not ruin the health of your natural lashes. Be sure not to rub your eyes or tug or pull on the extensions because this can cause lash loss and even damage to your natural lashes. Our eyelash extension application techniques and innovative aftercare ensures your lash health.

  • Can you be allergic to the glue?

Yes, there have been few cases of allergies to the lash adhesive. It is normally not the first few times you do your lashes but more of a developed allergy over time. Your eyelids can become red and irritated for 2 or 3 days after your touch up. If you find that you are having a reaction we can drop down to a less strong glue (this glue does not have the same longevity as the strongest glue so you have to come in for touch ups more often in most cases). If your reaction continues we recommend having lashes removed. For clients who are sensitive and has allergies, they can come in for an allergy test.

  • What is an allergy test?

A test carried out during eyelash extensions consultation to find out if a client has any sort of allergies that prevents the eyelash extensions application. We apply five extensions on the natural lash on each eye, using two separate eyelash extension adhesive (normal and sensitive). Then we ask the client to wait a few days and come back to see how they felt. This is to ensure there will be no further reaction once the eyelash extensions treatment is done.

  • Can I get them wet?

Yes, after 48 hrs of the application. Water can weaken the adhesive before it is set and cause lashes to fall off. The after-care varies depending on the glue used. For instance, with glue for sensitive eyes, oil-based products or makeup removers around the eye area are not recommended. Using waterproof mascara on the extensions is not recommended for any type of glue, as it is hard to remove and can actually pull off the lashes prematurely when trying to take it off.

  • How do I get makeup off?

Use any oil-free makeup remover. We do not recommend Q-tips to take off eye makeup. There are lint free applicators to help you remove your eye makeup (please ask us).

  • Can I use eyelash/growth conditioner on my eyelashes?

Natural lash growth products containing vitamins and peptides are wonderful and will have no adverse effect on the longevity of your extensions. We also recommend Lash Boost or Xtreme Lash Serum (please ask us for more info).


  • Before You Arrive

Please show up with NO makeup on (such as eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, concealer, etc). We advise the client to come showered before the application, because you cannot get your eyes wet for 48 hrs. Use the restroom before your appointment. Do not drink any caffeinated beverages (it can make your eyes flutter).

  • After Care Guide

AVOID water, heat and steam on the extension for the next 48 hrs. Recommendation when washing face morning/night, use a washcloth. After the 48 hrs, wash your lashes daily using an OIL-FREE WATER BASED cleanser to avoid any natural oil build up (No.7 and Simple are good brands to use). AVOID any vigorous rubbing, touching or pulling of the eyelashes. Do not use any waterproof mascara. AVOID all OIL BASED products around the eyes (oils break down the adhesive bond). Do not use any UNDER EYE CREAM at night. Do not perm, tint or use eyelash curler on the eyelash extensions. If using oven or grill, please release heat and avoid any open flames. Please sleep on your back, sleeping on sides or stomach will cause lash fall out. Brush lashes daily, only when dry. To maintain fullness, please get refills every 2-3 weeks.

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